Precision  Concrete Temperature Control for Commercial Installations

concrete temperature control

For major concrete installations—such as office buildings, parking decks, bridges and dams—it is critical to maintain optimal concrete temperatures, allowing for proper curing and, ultimately, the prevention of cracks.

Morris & Associates offers an array of refrigeration systems that allow for precise temperature control during concrete batching. All of our solutions for water-chilled batches, aggregate chilling and post cooling are:

  • Microprocessor-controlled to optimize temperatures to meet each job’s requirements
  • Highly flexible, sized to produce from 10 to 150 tons of ice per day, with automatic storage bins sized from 20 to 300 tons
  • Available in both permanent and portable configurations

Morris & Associates products specifically designed for use within the concrete industry include:

      •  Just-in-time ice production systems – scalable concrete cooling solutions for large- and small-pour concrete production
      •  Ice water plants—which are used in aggregate cooling and concrete batching
      •  Ice weigh scales – which provide precise measurement and delivery of ice for accurate concrete cooling