Fresh Produce

Flexible Solutions for Preserving and Presenting Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Morris & Associates ice makers are the most energy- and water-efficient machines on the market, designed to keep fresh produce cool, crisp and looking its best at the lowest possible cost. Easy to operate and maintain, our ice-making machines require only that the operator connects the water and power sources to the equipment.

The hard, clear ice the machines produce can be custom-sized or mixed into slurry for maximum surface coverage. Conveyor, auger and pneumatic delivery systems are available. Portable and mobile systems capable of producing up to 50 per day are also available for field applications.

Morris & Associates icemakers serving the fresh produce industry include:

      • Tube-Cube® icemakers, which range in capacity from 10 to 110 tons per day
      • Nugget icemakers, which range in capacity from 10 to 150 tons per day

Both these types of ice-making machines are configured to operate with remote refrigeration systems and packaged systems that use halocarbons or ammonia.

Additional equipment from Morris & Associates ideally suited to the fresh produce industry includes:

      • Ice Master® rake bins, which range in capacity from 20 to 300 tons, providing sanitary storage and delivery for ice produced by the Tube-Cube and Nugget systems
      • Custom ice delivery systems, which we design, build, install and fine-tune on-site with your specific application and operation in mind
      • A full line of water chillers / re-chillers that range in capacity from 40 to 300 tons of refrigeration, with microprocessor controls that keep water temperatures within 0.2º F and enable remote monitoring for easy operations management