Pharmaceutical and Chemical

Precision Solutions for Demanding Applications  such as Pharmaceutical and Chemical Production

Morris industrial ice makers for pharmaceutical and chemical production

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, precision cooling is essential.

Morris & Associates offers a variety of microprocessor-controlled shell and tube heat exchangers that are ideal for processing pharmaceuticals and chemicals. All of our systems are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and all include sanitary designs available in multiple materials to meet specific application requirements.

Solutions we offer that are ideal for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries include:

      • Heat exchangers, including water chillers / re-chillers that maintain constant temperatures in large batches, and ingredient chillers, with design features that allow them to be placed out of the way
      • Ice-making, storage and delivery systems that are custom-built to match customer requirements, including our innovative Tube-Cube® ice makers, Nugget ice makers, Ice Master® rake bins and ice delivery systems

Morris & Associates chilling systems can be purchased with a packaged refrigeration system or operate off the plant’s central refrigeration system. Contact us to determine which combination of Morris & Associates equipment is best suited for your operation.