Redefining Quality and Performance for 70 Years in Poultry Chilling

Industrial poultry chilling by Morris

With a long and continually growing list of patents and innovations to our credit, Morris & Associates has served the chilling needs of poultry processors for seven decades. Morris & Associates remains the “gold standard” in the poultry industry, in both the development and delivery of significant cost and production efficiencies, as well as in the quality of product output.

Our many firsts in poultry chilling include such equipment design and processing innovations as:

      • Continuous-line poultry chilling
      • Water re-chilling
      • Giblet chilling
      • Clean-in-place (CIP) systems
      • Microprocessor controls
      • Ice Makers
Ice delivery systems

Maintaining our industry leadership, Morris & Associates has in recent years pioneered technologies to address issues associated with increases in bird size and production line speeds that have resulted in higher bird and water temperatures, troublesome elevations in bacterial counts and lower yield. In our Auger Chillers, we introduced patented  IntraGrill™ flights for increased water flow and Quik Chill™ microprocessor temperature controls. These innovations resolved such issues without expanding the existing equipment line.

Our patented JetBird® technology optimizes chiller capacity, reduces bird temperature variation and decreases bacteria counts by increasing contact between birds and antibacterial agents. It serves as an efficiency solution when available floor space is limited, and is compatible with all food-grade biocides.