IPPE 2018

IPPE 2018

IPPE  2018

Consistent is Cool!


Our full line of COPE™ (Continuous Online Pathogen Eliminators) products are built to provide the pathogen control necessary in today’s processing environment. The COPE’s™ full immersion washing action ensures all surfaces on the birds or bird parts are treated with biocide. The Pre COPE™ is designed as the first line of intervention and can be placed in front of pre-chillers and chillers to begin the chilling process. The COPE™ FC is the final pathogen intervention point in the chilling process and the Parts COPE™ was created specifically for bird parts in further processing. COPE’s™ small foot print is ideal for ease of placement. Consistent Pathogen Control is a given with COPE™.

Scrub CIP virtually eliminates the need for employees to physically scrub chiller tanks during clean-up. This innovative system employs multiple moving nozzles that provide high pressure water on foam treated tank surfaces, cleaning the chiller safely and effectively. Consistent cleaning action. 

The new DTM Chiller with Flow Control features strategically placed foils, engineered to create even more consistent bird flow through the chiller. Each bird is acted on by the massaging action of the rocker with added stanchions. Flow Control significantly reduces bird-to-bird variability by providing a more consistent residence time. There’s no free ride in our DTM chiller!

Every hanger bearing in an auger chiller produces a gap that allows birds to pile up and create downstream flow issues. The MT Hanger reduces these gaps by greater than 2/3’s, virtually eliminating bird piles at the hangers. Without bird pile-ups, downstream flow is consistent. First in, first out. Far fewer combos at breaks, and virtually no stragglers at shift’s end. Consistent flow yields consistent temperature!

With the industry’s only Severe Temperature Service (STS) feature and exceptionally efficient design, every Morris & Associates chiller and re-chiller is protected against failure related to thermal expansion. Remote monitoring capabilities, and access to Morris & Associates service technicians ensure top performance, low maintenance and long life of the equipment. The results are consistent temperatures throughout the chilling line.