Nugget Ice Maker

Prolific Output, Processing Efficiency    nugget ice maker

Morris nugget ice maker

The Morris & Associates Nugget ice maker is the most energy- and water-efficient machine of its type on the market. Our  stainless steel, double-tapered evaporator tubes produce highly consistent product.

Morris & Associates Nugget industrial ice making machines are widely used in the poultry, seafood and fresh produce industries, as well as the packaged ice market segment. With capacities ranging from 10 to 150 tons per day, these sturdy, high-capacity machines are in service all around the world.

Your Nugget system can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Nugget industrial ice makers are available for use with central refrigeration or packaged refrigeration systems, regardless of whether those systems are based on R-507 or ammonia.

Options available on our Nugget ice makers include crushers, blowers, augers and conveyors to deliver just the right consistency of output, from slush to hard ice.


Morris & Associates engineers spent untold hours perfecting the technology of the Nugget ice maker to make sure it would perform beyond customer expectations.

Ideal for creating the dry, clear ice required by the packaged ice industry, this machine is flexible enough to meet the needs of countless other markets, including poultry, seafood, produce, pharmaceuticals and concrete, to mention a few.

morris_nugget_ice_maker_top_view Morris nugget ice maker tube cut-away view

With Morris & Associates Nugget ice systems, you have the flexibility to customize the equipment and output to meet your specific requirements, including the capability easily to customize the thickness and clarity of ice—from thin flakes to hard, 1/4-inch nuggets.

Choose between packaged or remote applications and R-507 or ammonia based refrigeration.

Packaged Nugget ice makers include virtually all elements required to operate the machine. Remote systems are designed for existing refrigeration equipment requiring additions.

Morris nugget ice maker in operation

Morris Ice Master® Nugget Ice Maker Brochure ( PDF Format )