Tube-Cube® Ice Maker

Top-Quality Construction, Top-Quality Ice Tube-Cube Ice Maker

Tube-Cube Ice Maker

With the our patented design, stainless steel construction and capacities ranging from 10 to 110 tons per day, Morris & Associates Tube-Cube ice makers are energy- and water-efficient. Tube-Cube ice makers are available for use with R-507 or ammonia based refrigeration systems, or for connection to central refrigeration systems.

Tube-Cube systems deliver consistently clear, hard, sanitary ice. With a compact, space-saving 6’ x 6’ (1.8 m x 1.8 m) footprint, the systems can be installed indoors or outdoors. The front fiberglass panel helps reduce noise and protect the ice maker from the elements.

Tube-Cube ice cubes are available in a variety of diameters, ranging from 7/8 to 1-3/8 inches (2.22 – 3.49 cm).

For packaged ice installations where shape and size are critical, an optional stainless steel cutter can produce standard cubes. For applications where size and shape are not as important — such as in food processing, fresh produce and industrial scenarios — an equipment configuration with no cutter, and therefore no moving parts to maintain, may be preferable.

Built to Ensure Safe Product—and to Last

Designed for durability and lasting performance, the entire Tube-Cube® ice maker is constructed of industrial-strength stainless steel, including the system framework (see note below), the sanitary water pump, the evaporator shell, the tubes and tube sheets, the cutter assembly, the water header and distribution system, the sump, the pump and the piping.

Stainless steel is low maintenance and durable enough to hold up well in unforgiving environments. In addition, stainless steel is the most sanitary fabrication material available. Sanitary construction leads to clean, sanitary ice — which means a superior end product.

NOTE: Model numbers CIM-1605 and CIM-2605 are equipped with structural aluminum frameworks.Morris Tube-Cube ice maker being crafted

Low Maintenance, High Capacity

Configured without a cutter, the all-stainless steel Morris & Associates Tube-Cube® system includes no moving parts. Without moving parts, you’ll experience even greater reliability, efficiency and production capacity. In addition, the system is extremely easy to maintain.

We recommend incorporating the Tube-Cube ice maker that has no cutter in operations where consistency in ice length is not a priority, and where ice is used primarily for packing and chilling product.Morris Tube-Cube ice maker with cutterless design

All-Inclusive Refrigeration Systems

All Morris & Associates Tube-Cube® ice makers are available as packaged refrigeration systems, complete with compressor, evaporative condenser, receivers and associated valve groups. Alternatively, you can choose to configure your Tube-Cube system to operate as part of a central or remote refrigeration system.

Both R-507 and ammonia based systems are available in our packaged and remote machines.Morris packaged Tube-Cube ice maker

Morris Remote Tube-Cube® Ice Maker ( PDF Format)