COPE™ (Continuous Online Pathogen Eliminator)

Custom Configurations for Your Processing Line   continuous online pathogen eliminator

Morris Parts COPE - Continuous Online Pathogen Eliminator

Parts COPE (FinalKill®) – 3W

The patented COPE delivers effective pathogen control for a full range of whole birds and including boneless parts and products destined for mechanical separation. Utilizing an immersion tumbler compatible with most food grade biocides, the COPE ensures complete biocide coverage. It provides first-in, first-out processing, requires little floor space, and is easy to clean and maintain. The COPE provides accurate regulation of the process dwell time with operator friendly controls

COPE is easily adapted to any line configuration. Place Pre COPE before the chillers, COPE FC  (Finishing Chiller) after the chillers, or Parts COPE (FinalKill) in further processing.

COPE may be equipped with optional product in-feed conveyors and chemical-saver discharge conveyors.  COPE is currently available in 3′, 5′, 8′, 10′ and 12′ units but can be customized to fit most applications.

Morris Parts COPE - 5W

Parts COPE – 5W (FinalKill®)

Morris COPE FC

Pre COPE / COPE FC (Finishing Chiller®)

Exclusive pathogen control innovation from Morris!

Parts COPE™  with Optional Conveyors

Morris Parts COPE with conveyor

Morris Parts COPE with conveyor

COPE - Continuous Online Pathogen Elimination (PDF FORMAT)