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Chillerside Chat #1: OptiFlow™ System and MT Chiller™ with Bill Morris, CEO and Chairman

Morris & Associates patented the first continuous poultry chiller more than 30 years ago and has continued to make system design improvements, such as our patented IntraGrill™ flights for increased water flow and our Quik Chill™ microprocessor controls for efficient, consistent temperatures. With a focus on safety we have introduced Operation Lineguard which features our Safe-Guard™ hood system and Safeside™ chiller geometry.

Morris & Associates auger chillers are used at all stages of chilling, providing consistent temperatures and positive output of birds for further processing. Our auger chillers can be used as pre-, intermediate- and/or final-stage chillers or to accommodate standalone applications. Your system can also encompass the entire chilling process, including poultry chillers, water rechillers and fresh water chillers. Our engineers will work with you to design the most effective solution and determine appropriate heat loads for your particular application.

Safety innovations are always a priority. Often, improvements are relatively small incremental steps, but for our new Safeside chiller design, it is a revolutionary safety improvement. From installation, to operation, to easier cleaning, Safeside delivers enhanced safety. By flattening the chiller wall where the auger descends into the water, the Safeside design eliminates the crush points. In addition, the flat side of the chiller also creates another water passage making chilling more efficient. We are so confident in this new chiller design we are transitioning all of our chiller production to Safeside.

Our all-stainless steel auger chillers are available in sizes ranging from 7’ to 12’ (2.1 m to 3.7 m) in diameter, with capacity ratings from 350 to 1,450 pounds/foot (521 to 2158 kg/m)*. Section lengths can be specified to allow for easy installation into existing operations. All Morris & Associates auger chillers come equipped with a standard-issued speed inverter that puts the auger and outlet wheels on separate, adjustable-speed drives. Rugged drives and motors ensure reliable performance and long life of the equipment. The optional clean-in-place (CIP) tank saves time and can also be used for cleaning the water rechillers.

Superior to traditional bacterial management solutions designed for installation on auger and drag-style poultry chillers, our patented JetBird chiller enhancement system is quickly becoming a pathogen reduction practice for the modern poultry processor.

*Product capacity can be increased by installing the patented Morris JetBird® Chiller Enhancement System

IntraGrill logoMaximizing Water Flow

Effective heat transfer is dependent on time, temperature and water flow across the product.  The patented IntraGrill flights in Morris & Associates auger chillers significantly enhances water flow to deliver maximum cold water to the product for the most effective heat transfer.

At the heart of the IntraGrill design are full length openings in the auger flights.  This patented design provides a path for cold water to flow through the auger flights and into the bird pack.

Cold Water Flow from Morris & Associates’ Patented IntraGrill™

In other systems, water circulates only around the shaft and through a narrow gap between the auger flights and the tank wall. Both of these pathways become restricted when the chiller is fully loaded, which causes water to back up, reduces flow rates and allows cold water to channel through the chiller without circulating around the individual birds.

Our patented IntraGrill flights assure that a strong flow of cold water passes the maximum number of birds in the chiller—not just those near the tank wall.

Easy Operation, Enhanced Product Quality

Morris & Associates auger chillers use our unique microprocessor-controlled Quik Chill™ system, which lowers bird temperatures while maintaining unparalleled moisture consistency. The water temperature is tightly controlled within 0.2 °F (0.1 °C), at flow rates between 400 and 1,000 gallons per minute (1,515 to 3,785 L/min). The system operator can easily monitor temperature and pressure, change control points, initiate freeze protection parameters and vary evaporator pressures to correspond with load requirements during peak loads, breaks and clean-ups.

The control communications option for Quick Chill puts the expertise of Morris & Associates-certified technicians at your disposal any time, from anywhere in the world, providing remote monitoring and diagnostics of the equipment, as well as plant-level alarms.

typical HMI screen

Tuning and Flexibility

Morris & Associates auger chillers come equipped with a standard-issued speed inverter that mounts the auger and outlet wheels on separate, adjustable-speed drives. This design feature provides a convenient way to:

       • Fine-tune dwell time to match varying bird loads resulting from different-sized birds and changing line speed
       • Soft-start the auger chiller to alleviate sudden stress on drives and maximize drive life
       • Facilitate end-of-shift preparation for clean-up

auger chiller robust drive

Design and Capacity Options to Meet Specific Requirements

Morris & Associates understands that no two plant operations are exactly the same, which is why we offer two different design options for our line of auger chillers: the high-sided model, and the standard model.

High-sided chillers are ideal if you have high-capacity processing requirements, with limited linear space to accommodate the footprint of the equipment. When linear space is less of an issue, the standard model offers superior product flow and maximum safety for cleaning.

Both the high-sided and standard auger chiller models come in a variety of diameters and in a virtually limitless choice of lengths, with intermediate bearing supports required only every 35 feet.

auger chiller production

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