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Great, Big Benefits for Processing Bigger Birds     drag chiller

Morris poultry drag chiller

The only drag chilling system specifically designed for use in the poultry industry, the Morris & Associates drag chiller is the leading solution for the turkey processing market segment, providing consistent moisture control for larger birds. Popular for chicken production as well, Morris & Associates drag chillers are installed in more than 100 poultry processing plants worldwide.

Features built into every Morris & Associates drag chiller include counter-flow design, flexible operations and high-flow rodded paddles.

Each system is customized to meet your unique requirements. Morris & Associates application engineers can also work with you to design an expandable system around your drag chiller—for example, incorporating a poultry chiller, water re-chillers and a fresh water chiller to accommodate the chilling process from start to finish.

Maximizing Temperature Control, Minimizing Moisture Loss

Chilling birds too rapidly results in moisture loss and toughness. The counter-flow design of Morris & Associates drag chillers increases water and refrigeration efficiency by pumping chilled water through the outlet end of the system, where it has the greatest impact on bird temperatures and minimizes the risk of chilling birds too quickly. This unique design feature keeps the coldest water in constant contact with the coldest birds, promoting consistent, gentle chilling and maximizing moisture control and meat tenderness.

Variable Controls, Modular Design 

The variable speed controls of Morris & Associates drag chillers allow for easy changes in residence time during operation or between shifts to adapt to different bird sizes and line speeds. Adjustable air agitation and water flow also give the operator flexibility in controlling the yield otherwise lost to the process. In addition, the drag chiller’s modular construction permits easy expansion to accommodate future changes in production line speed.

Morris poultry drag chiller paddles

Improved Performance, Minimized Wear and Tear

Standard equipment on all Morris & Associates drag chillers includes rodded paddles, which allow for higher water flows and better heat transfer, while also offering superior resistance to the everyday wear and tear caused by air agitation and load weight.

Morris poultry drag chiller rodded paddles

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