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Chillerside Chat #2: OptiFlow™ System and DTM™ PreChiller with Bill Morris, CEO and Chairman

The patented DTM chillers use washing action to produce increased turbulence in the water and improve bacteriological scrubbing versus standard poultry pre-chillers.

Morris & Associates DTM chillers are the pre-chillers of choice for maximizing meat tenderness and surge protection. The mechanical dasher’s movement massages the meat to increase tenderness, while creating turbulence in the water to effect loosening of organic matter.

Every Morris & Associate DTM chiller includes a heavy-gauge tank, a virtually indestructible dasher arm and massive drives, enabling the equipment easily to double as a surge tank. Our DTM chillers are thus ideal for plant operations that are prone to inconsistency in bird weights and loads, as the systems are resistant to the damage that such irregularity can cause.

Morris & Associates DTM chillers also use our proprietary, parallel-flow, sub-surface propulsion system, which aids the chilling process by improving heat transfer and maximizing yield. In addition, the systems’ adjustable flow-through valve provides increased control over residence time and allows for greater flexibility in future line changes.

Our application engineers can work with you to design an expandable system around your Morris & Associates DTM chiller—for example, incorporating a poultry chiller, water re-chillers and a fresh water chiller to accommodate the chilling process from start to finish.

Morris DTM™ chiller

Morris DTM™ Technology

The Morris HMR Pre-Chiller is now available with patented DTM Technology.  The upgrade to DTM Technology includes all the features of the HMR Pre-Chiller plus it further reduces the product standard deviation through improved consistency of:

      •  Residence Time
      •  Washing Action
      •  Temperature
      •  Massage
Morris DTM™ chiller rocker arm

Typical Return On Investment is less than 4 months

Morris HMR with DTM Technology ( PDF Format )