JetBird® Chiller Enhancement System

JetBird® Chiller Enhancement System Decreases Chilling Time, Increases Chiller Efficiency

JetBird® Chiller Enhancement System

Patented JetBird® technology optimizes chiller capacity, reduces bird temperature variation and decreases bacteria counts by increasing contact between birds and antibacterial agents.  JetBird® is most often applied as a field upgrade to increase existing chilling system capacity when bird size or line speeds have increased.  JetBird® can be incorporated into a new chilling system when available floor space is limited.  JetBird® can be retrofitted on most brands of chillers.  JetBird®  is compatible with all food-grade biocides allowing greater flexibility for processors.

Take advantage of JetBird® technology to increase yourJetBird® Chiller Enhancement System
chiller’s capabilities and consistency in:

    • Bird Temperatures
    • Moisture Retention
    • Water Temperature
    • Biocide Contact

Morris JetBird® Bacterial Reduction System ( PDF Format )